Unlock the Power of Collaboration

If you have a language need, you’ve come to the right place. Everyone is unique, and we have the power to bridge the differences of language and culture. At Language People, we understand that language is more than simply writing and talking. It’s critical in getting what you need. It is the key to meaningful communication, full participation in society, and living your best life. We are the company that helps you connect with others.

The Possibilities are Endless

Every moment there is an opportunity for something special to happen. Every communication. Every human connection allows for a powerful dynamic between people when they have an opportunity to collaborate. Communication leads to understanding, understanding leads to collaboration, and it’s this collaboration that will solve the problems of our world. We are more than just an interpretation service. We see every communication as an opportunity to unlock the power of collaboration.

Language barriers create roadblocks to so many other facets of life, including jobs, health, and personal safety. We know that a healthy society cannot exist without honoring everyone. We are in a world of crises, and within these crises lie a world of opportunity. We play our role in honoring everyone by removing the obstacle of language differences, allowing easier access to employment, medical care, and other areas crucial to living a full life. When language obstacles are removed, the possibilities become endless.

We Walk the Talk

It is part of our mission to walk our talk. As we want our customers to honor a world of language differences, we work tirelessly to breakdown these barriers in our communities. That is why, to date, we have provided more than one million dollars in free services to the Deaf, through our LP Connect service. We worked with the city of Newport Beach in its effort to become the first Certified Deaf-Friendly city. These, among other efforts, are not “feel-good” activities – they are embedded in the culture of our company.

We bring these ideas and attitudes into every job we work on and every individual we work with. We embrace our roles as connectors. Each communication, each relationship, and each person is a chance for something special to happen. It’s a chance for hope to grow. By choosing Language People, you’re helping to make the world a better place, one conversation at a time.