Language People (formerly Bay Area Translations, Inc.) provides Interpreting and translation services in California and across the United States and is a leader in the field of American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting.

For the past twenty-five years customers have relied on Language People’s skill, reliability, and professionalism for quality translating, spoken language and ASL interpreting, Video Remote Interpreting services, face-to-face interpreting, and translations. Language People provides 24/7 interpreting services to hospitals, courts, and many private companies. Along with in-person interpretation, Language People is also a VRI provider. The company has designed its own platform that allows patients and doctors to remotely access, via video, an interpreter whenever necessary, without the need of arranging an appointment or waiting for an interpreter to arrive at the location. Language People is at the forefront of innovation in the language services field. The company is constantly searching for new ways to improve means of communication and provide equal access to all. Since 1988, Language People has provided accurate and timely interpreting and translating services in the areas of law, technology, medicine, business, government and other professional fields.

Our clients include federal, state and local government agencies, public and private companies, institutions and individuals. Our team of over 4,000 bilingual professionals assures we have the resources to provide you with superior language services, when and where you need them.

Several of the Fortune 100 companies rely on us to get the job done. However, whether you are an individual, a small company, or a world-renowned corporation, Language People provides all our clients with the same superior service. Every client is our best client.

We cover over 150 languages from Afrikaans to Zulu and American Sign Language. Our interpreters and translators undergo a rigorous screening and testing process to certify their proficiency and fluency in each of their working languages.

Whether you need a one-page document translated FAST, a 100-page employee manual translated into three languages, an interpreter for a one-time appointment or a full-time employee who is fluent in several languages, Language People can meet your needs. No job is too big or too small.

We will provide the same excellent service every time you need us. We are available 24/7 and excel at rush and emergency jobs. With one call you get the assurance and security of knowing that your job will be done accurately, professionally and cost-effectively. We look forward to being YOUR language partner!

Language People was founded, nurtured and grown by people determined to make a difference.


For over 30 years, Lisa Wrench, CEO of Language People, has been involved in building successful companies that demonstrate the concept of Business for Social Good, which is the idea that you can run a successful company upon the ethics of honesty, service to others, and a commitment to excellence in all your business dealings. She envisions living in a society where there is equality, justice and opportunity for all individuals, and where we can all have dignity, the opportunity for meaningful work and can put our principles and integrity to work AT work.

Ms. Wrench is an author, inventor and has patents in Internet and Video Conferencing technology. Lisa works tirelessly to make Language People the best company in the Language Services area. Lisa cares personally about each Language People customer and employee.   Additionally, she is personally committed to increasing opportunities and quality of life for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals.   She delights in encouraging entrepreneurial individuals to grow to their fullest potential and see their dreams become reality. Away from work Lisa enjoys the wilderness and animals.