For Deaf and Hard of Hearing workers in the job market today, one of the key components to success is communication and access to communication services. LANGUAGE PEOPLE offers access to both our clients and their consumers to quality captioning services as an alternative to Sign Language Interpreting Services.

Many Deaf consumers utilize C.A.R.T. services when the information is highly technical or legal. Another purpose for captioning services, is Deaf consumers are not as fluent in ASL as they are in English. Many late-deafened individuals are more comfortable communicating and receiving information utilizing captioning at conferences and in meetings where the Deaf or Hard of Hearing Consumer is not as fluent in American Sign Language as they are in English. While Deaf individuals are very often proficient in multiple forms of communication, it is important that, as a provider, you ask them to specify a preferred method of communication rather than choose for them.

Real Time Captioning is often used at live events such as large meetings or seminars where English-fluent Deaf consumers utilize services of a caption writer as an ASL-fluent Deaf person would use at the services of conference interpreters. In these situations, the Deaf consumer is located next to the caption writer and views the text on the monitor of a laptop or other portable device. Deaf consumers will view the scrolling text on the monitor for the duration of the meeting and if necessary, our caption writers can provide a hard-copy or other type of transcript for use later on.

Language People works with caption writers who in addition to having years of experience as court reporters and medical transcriptionists, are also members of the accrediting agency NCRA, the National Court Reporters Association. Caption writers can operate at speeds up to 200 words a minute with accuracy rates in the 98th percentile. In situations where every word counts, it is often desirable to utilize a caption writer rather than ASL with a consumer who may prefer English.