Sign Language (ASL / American Sign Language)

American Sign Language

Face-to-Face on-site interpreters certified in American Sign Language (ASL) are available. Video interpreting is a great solution for clients when immediate interpretation is needed. Other systems of sign language as well as various foreign signs are also procurable. Read more

Video Remote Interpretation

Remote interpreting is an immediate and cost-effective solution when a face-to-face sign language interpreter is not available. Language People offers ADA compliant Video Remote Interpreting (VRI). Read more

Captioning & Real-Time Services

CART portable keyboards and monitors provide an on-site means of communication with deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals who either  do not use sign language or prefer written English to communicate.   Read more

Spoken Language

Face-to-Face Interpreting

Face-to-face spoken language interpreting is available in over 150 languages and diverse world dialects. See our language list or call us today for more information. Read more

Telephone Interpretation

Telephone interpreters are available for multi-party conference calls. We also offer emergency or short notice interpreting in all spoken languages. Read more

Conference Interpretation

Conference interpreters facilitate simultaneous communication in large group settings. Whisper interpreters, sound booths, and personal receivers are available to interpret into one or more languages concurrently. Read more

Written Translation

Translation and Desktop Publishing services are available in over 150 languages. We accept documents via fax, mail, FTP, CD or e-mail. Our skilled translation and editing staff work with a variety of software tools and formats. Rush services and document certification are available. Read more

Website Globalization

Go global! Make your website accessible to your non-English speaking customers. As global communication becomes a way of life rather than a distant possibility the need for your company to be accessible at a global lever is now a reality. Read more

Transcription & Voiceovers

LANGUAGE PEOPLE can create, convert, and transcribe your audio files in any language. Need to produce audio files in another language? Do you have audio files in another language that are needed in English? Call LANGUAGE PEOPLE for a free quote today. Read more

Bilingual Staffing

Let us help you find the ideal bilingual employee to meet your company’s unique needs! We offer temporary, part-time and permanent-hire staffing solutions. Job candidates are pre-qualified and language tested in both English and the required second (or third) language. Our professional recruiting team can help you find the right candidate at any job level, from admin to executive, in a wide range of professional areas. Read more

Bilingual Customer Service

Our bilingual staff can be trained, to your specifications, to answer your customer service calls and questions for your non-English speaking clients. Currently many companies patch a call to an interpreter often doubling their call time and increasing the costs of doing business over all. Read more

Cross-Cultural Consulting

Cultural awareness training and coaching in the social and business practices and customs of international countries is available at your location. Custom workshops are also available. Read more

Language Testing & Qualification

We provide documentation for bilingual job requirements or incentive opportunities through on-site or remote testing and verification of your employees’ language skills. Read more

Language Lessons

Introductory classes in ASL and various spoken languages are available. Care providers, social workers, and other individuals who learn industry-specific terminology in ASL or another language increase their ability to effectively communicate when an interpreter cannot be present. Read more

Continuing Education Units

Cultural awareness training and coaching in the social and business practices and customs of international countries is available at your location. Custom workshops are also available. Read more