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It’s the simplest way to communicate in real time with any non-English speaker—No appointment necessary!

Language People’s telephone interpreting service is a cost-effective last-minute alternative to face-to-face interpreting. Over-the-phone-interpreting (OPI), also known as remote interpreting, provides interpreting services via telephone links between parties in different locations.

Tele-interpreting is available no matter where each party is located in the world, the only requirement is clear uninterrupted telephone access. Telephone interpreting enables you to communicate with someone who does not speak your language via a remote interpreter. Most telephone interpreting is done consecutively as opposed to simultaneously, and all parties take turns speaking.

Our service is a conference call that includes you, the person you wish to communicate with, and an interpreter. Interpreters are available in every spoken European, Pacific Rim, North American, Asian, and African language. We offer superior coverage of the Spanish language and, the US Hispanic business market.

Language People’s easy-to-use and cost-effective interpretation services ensure clear communication in facilities and situations such as:

  • Crisis and Help Hotlines
  • 24-Hour Emergency Centers
  • Medical Appointments
  • Legal Trials, Hearings, and Depositions
  • Insurance and Social Service Claims
  • Business Correspondence
  • Real Estate Investment Opportunities

The future of interpreting

Telephone interpreting is quickly becoming essential in the future of spoken language interpreting. Many government consulates and medical facilities are using telephone interpreters for last minute appointments when face-to-face interpreters are not reasonably accessible with such short notice. Over twelve states, including California, frequently use telephone interpreting for court appointments and hearings. It has also become an invaluable tool for medical appointments.

Telephone interpreting is especially useful when you have a need for the more esoteric languages such as India’s Punjabi, Myanmar’s Burmese, or Kenya’s Oromo. Telephone interpreting supports an interpreter at a remote location to deliver consecutive interpreting. It is especially cost-effective when you consider reduced time-and-travel costs. Interpreters can even be used for multiple assignments on the same day.

The importance of visual contact

Of course, when viable, a visual interpreter is most desirable. Face-to-face interpreting has the benefit of establishing and preserving characteristics of form and substance integrated within a culture. It also enables visual gesture oriented contact with listeners in order to confirm that the message has been received. When face-to-face interpreting is not feasible, Tele-interpreting is the most practical and cost-effective alternative.

How to use our service

If you happen to know ahead of time when you are going to need us, call our office and schedule an interpreter. We will have an interpreter ready to take your call; we can also contact your party ahead of time.

If you are calling us at the last minute and need an interpreter right away, our team at Language People will jump into action. We will need a moment to get you situated, brief our interpreter on the topic of conversation, and then connect you. A live telephone operator will assist you and answer any of your questions.

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Language People offers professional telephone interpretation services in every language, everyday. To scedule a Tele-interpreting service call (707) 538-8900. Direct Spanish interpreters are available on our Hablamos Hotline at (888) 758-6867.

Our service is an easy and cost-effective way to ensure clear communication in many types of situations such as:

  • Calls Made To Other Countries
  • Crisis and Help Hotlines
  • 24 Hour Emergency Facilities
  • Medical Appointments
  • Legal Trials, Hearings, Depositions
  • Insurance and Social Service Claims
  • Business Mergers and Correspondence
  • Real Estate Investment Opportunities
  • Travel Planning
  • International Surveys and Research

Telephone interpreting services are available on an as-needed basis. Payment is due in advance through either a monthly subscriptions or in prepaid amounts. Call today to learn more about the telephone interpreting options available to you and your business.

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