LANGUAGE PEOPLE can create, convert, and transcribe your audio files in any language. Need to produce audio files in another language? Do you have audio files in another language that are needed in English? Call LANGUAGE PEOPLE for a free quote today. Operators are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have and respond to all of your transcribing needs.

Audio Transcription

Transcription is the production of a written copy of any audio/video file. Transcription services are utilized by legal, medical, and production industries to obtain written versions of audio files or sign language video files in English or any of our other spoken languages.

Expert transcriptionists and translators are available to transcribe your foreign language audio files or sign language videos. LANGUAGE PEOPLE’s exceptional transcriptionists and translators can produce written documentation specifically for you in your desired target language. Transcription and translation services are available when written material is needed in a language other than the original. Language People can record your proceedings, transcribe them in more than 150 languages and dialects including English and, if needed, provide a certified translation.
In addition to transcription services, summary services are also available. Verbatim transcription may be the best fit for legal purposes when every word counts. In other cases an overview can save time and effort by translating and/or transcribing the main ideas instead of lengthy verbatim documents. Simply request a summary of the information

Voice Talent and Creation of Original Audio Files:

Interpreter services are available to aid in the creation of audio trainings and other projects in any language. Voice talent is available for such projects as:

  • Production of a movie or advertising materials in any language
  • Recording training sessions in English and pair them with audio tracks in another language
  • Telephone and internet audio files in any languages
  • Recording video and audio trainings, orientations

Whatever you need, LANGUAGE PEOPLE is here to help.

A voiceover is a narration in which the original audio track is replaced by a secondary audio track, usually in a different language.

LANGUAGE PEOPLE is available to produce your script in English and other language and provide voice talent for recording in the needed language. Scripts are translated into the target language prior to recording. They are then available in almost any production format for your records.