“Interpreters can be trained to your specifications to answer customer service calls and questions as a foreign language operator”

While many companies are outsourcing call centers to other countries, many U.S. based companies are experiencing the need for qualified bilingual operators here in the US. Often, your staff’s time is spent answering Frequently Asked Questions about your organization. Currently many companies patch a call to an interpreter often doubling their call time and increasing the costs of doing business over all.

Thousands of dollars are spent every year on interpreting services when a non-English request could alternately be taken by a customer support representative from Language People without the cost of third party interpreter support. Our support specialists can be easily trained to handle your top 100 questions or most frequently requested support services so that your employees are free to handle services in their native language.

Your company can provide such information to our customer support

staff, who then answers your caller’s questions directly, instead of simply interpreting between your staff member and your customer.

Should the caller need to be connected to someone at your facility, our team can patch those callers directly back to your staff. This frees up you staff’s time, and increases your productivity. This service is available as a “custom option” to our telephone services offering, at an additional cost.

If your need for bilingual operators grows, consider our bilingual placement department where specialists screen and submit candidates for your next hiring phase. Language People can also aide you in verifying your existing employees’ bilingual skills utilizing customized on-sit language testing and bilingual verification. Let us help you evaluate your individual language needs, contact us today for more information.