Document Translation

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We have the ability to translate over 150 languages. We receive documents in a variety of software formats via FTP, fax, mail, e-mail or courier. Documents are then returned in MS Word format unless otherwise specified. We possess comprehensive Desktop Publishing capabilities so that we can return your documents in the format that you require.

Our translators can manage nearly any type of document. Language People can provide swift and quality service for, one-page documents, 100-page employee manual (translated into three languages), sales presentations, software manuals, websites, and even your business cards.

Fees are priced based on a per word basis. The per-word rate is calculated by how common or rare a language is and whether specific technical, legal or medical terminology is required. There is a minimum charge for small or 1-page documents and there may be an additional fee for comprehensive formatting with charts, tables, embedded graphics, as well as rushed jobs.

Attestation and Notarization

When you need a certified translation of a document for legal, insurance, school or another purpose, we can attach a notarized attestation form which verifies the accuracy of the translation. Documents that ordinarily require attestation are financial, medical records, birth or death certificates, marriage or divorce decrees, school transcripts, diplomas, court records, and DMV records.

Third-Party Translations

Our experts will proofread, edit, and quality check your document for accuracy of an existing translation. For these projects the cost is calculated on a per-hour basis.

Business and Trade Secrets

Language People’s translators and administrative staff agree to keep confidential all business and trade secrets of our clients. All work, documents, and telephone conversations from a client are considered confidential. Our translators sign confidentiality agreements which are on file at our office.

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