On and off-site verification of employee language skills for bilingual incentive opportunities or job requirements

Same day results are available; have your assessment within hours.

Expert language testers are available on-location to test your employee’s bilingual skills. To meet government and private requirements for incentive pay, bilingual individuals are often tested by an outside accrediting agency such as LANGUAGE PEOPLE.

Utilizing a sophisticated grading rubric allows us to maximize efficiency, test verbal and written skills, listening and reading comprehension and then deliver you a detailed and informative report of their performance and level of fluency. Language testers ensure that your candidates have the actual communication skills to operate in your workplace as a verified bilingual employee.

Customization of every language test ensures that your specific needs are met every time a language test is performed. LANGUAGE PEOPLE offers customizable tests that can be easily transformed to include terminology and scenarios that are specific to your business and industry for a more precise evaluation. Language testers can evaluate both your industry’s required terminology and ensure that your employees are fluent to your standards, not just our own.

Any time you have questions for us, you have guaranteed access to our helpful and knowledgeable staff.