First Certified Deaf Friendly Restaurant Featured on ABC News



Vision for a Deaf Friendly World

As the CEO of Language People and the creator of the LP Connect (blue card) program, I am excited that on October 7th 2015 the Pizza Bar in Newport Beach became the first restaurant to have Sign Language over Video Kiosks (the LPRevolution) installed in their restaurant. When a Deaf customer comes into the restaurant they can sign with the staff and communicate what they want to eat, how they are liking their meal, and any questions they may have.

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On-Site Interpreting

Face-to-face spoken language interpreting is available in over 150 languages and diverse world dialects. See our language list or call us today for more information. We have processes and procedures in place to make sure that your business information and your client’s personal information is treated confidentially at all times.

Video Remote Interpreting

Language People offers ADA compliant Video Remote Interpreting (VRI). Remote interpreting is an immediate and cost-effective solution when a face-to-face sign language interpreter is not available. It is like having your own personal interpreter as near as a phone call away; ready to work any time, day or night.

Document Translation

Translation and Desktop Publishing services are available in over 150 languages. We accept documents via fax, mail, FTP, CD or e-mail. Our skilled translation and editing staff work with a variety of software tools and formats. Rush services and document certification are available.

Our highly-skilled professionals, fluent in
more than 150 spoken languages and RID/NAD
certified American Sign Language,
are specially trained to meet your unique needs.

Including the Deaf in Your Business

Inclusion and diversity are hot topics these days and as boardroom executives ponder how to expand their companies inclusion and diversity, one segment of the population is often overlooked – the Deaf/Hard of hearing community.  This community represents the third largest cultural-linguistic group in the US after English. The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides…

Working with Face to Face Interpreters

Healthcare institutions have many options when it comes to providing language assistance to their non-English speaking patients.

Serving the Deaf Market

After English language speakers, the Deaf Community is the third largest cultural-linguistic group in the United States.